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Migration on Exchanges

Will LYXe be migrated automatically?

If you are holding LYXe within your own wallet, it will not be migrated automatically. You have to instantiate the migration process manually. There is likely an amount of LYXe that will never migrate due to lost wallets. Some people might even keep some LYXe for sentimental reasons.

Exchanges holding LYXe might migrate the asset for their customers. However, this is not a process controlled by LUKSO directly. The following exchanges have performed an migration already:

For further announcements, please follow the exchange's official announcement channels.

Where can LYX be traded?

You can trade or swap LYX using the following platforms:

3rd-party services might also create decentralized marketplaces later on.

Smart Contract Transactions

Never send LYX directly from your Universal Profile to an Exchange. This might result in your funds being locked. Please check out the Exchange Guide in case you want to send your migrated LYX back to the exchange.