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Migration Process

Will it be possible to migrate LYX back to LYXe?

No, the official LUKSO Migration Bridge acts as a 1-Way-Bridge to migrate LYXe to LYX. A single locking transaction on the Ethereum blockchain automatically triggers the transfer of an equal amount of LYX on the LUKSO blockchain.

How long does it take to migrate my LYXe?

The token migration usually takes about 10-15min for the transaction to be finalized and the LYX sent to the wallet on the LUKSO mainnet. This time is needed to ensure security throughout every step.

What happens with LYXe sent to the LYXe contract?

Any account that accidentally sent LYXe to the LYXe Token address on Ethereum will receive the equal amount of LYX on the LUKSO Blockchain.

How can I make sure that the migration was successful?

You can check your LYX balance using the LUKSO Mainnet Block Explorer, searching for your address.

I cannot see the LYX in my wallet after the migration

If you want to see the LYX balance displayed in your wallet, you can add LUKSO to your wallet as a custom network using the details from Network Properties.

What can I do when my transaction status stalls?

The migration transaction might be correctly executed on Ethereum and LUKSO, but the status is not updated on the migration application in the browser. If you want to send a new transaction and already verified that the transaction has been executed, please reset your browser history and re-open the page. You will be brought to the home screen again without any pending state.