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How safe are assets stored within a Universal Profile?

The safety of a Universal Profile depends on the security steps taken by its owner. If only one EOA controller owns the profile, the security level is equivalent to regular EOA wallets. If a more secure access control system is built and multiple controllers are added with different permissions, the security level of the Universal Profile would be as robust as a multi-signature wallet. Also, custom ownership contracts can be added as controllers. In essence, the security of a UP directly corresponds to the security measures put in place by the owner.

Why should I use the Universal Profile Extension?

The Universal Profile Extension offers several advantages over traditional wallet services like MetaMask or Rainbow. Regular wallets only manage the cryptographic key-pair, the blockchain account. The account is only secured by a static private seed phrase that can't be changed or exposed. If the phrase is leaked or lost, all your digital assets and reputation associated with the account would be lost with it.

In addition, regular accounts lack some of the the functionality of UPs such as the ability to attach additional information to your profile, react on transfers, social recovery and transaction relay services.

Universal Profiles help bring convenience and user-friendliness into the blockchain space. They are robust and flexible smart contract-based accounts that support features like social recovery, relay transactions, rights management, upgradeable security, and attachable data right out of the box. Since they consist of programmable and modular smart contracts, they even allow upgrading these accounts with enhanced functionalities.

In essence, using UniversalProfile provides a safer environment for managing your digital assets and offers an array of features that make your day-to-day interactions with blockchains easier.

How can I access my Universal Profile if I lost my 2FA code?

Unfortunately, LUKSO does not offer a method to regenerate, reset, or add new authentication codes for 2FA recovery of the Transaction Relay Service if you lost access to your phone. The security depends on the 2FA app and service you are using. Most 2FA apps have their own backup or synchronization mechanisms, used to create additional layers of protection.