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Software Wallets

Which wallets are supported on LUKSO?

LUKSO is an EVM-compatible network, meaning any Ethereum wallet that allows custom networks can be used to send transactions and store LYX.

How do I add LUKSO to my wallet?

This depends on which wallet you are using but we have linked to some common wallet's support guides below:

Please ensure you are using the Official LUKSO Parameters below:

Network NameLUKSO
Chain ID / Network ID42
Currency SymbolLYX
Block explorer URL

Is there a faster way?

Yes 😊, click the button below to do it automatically:

What about Universal Profiles?

If you want to use LUKSO Universal Profiles (and we recommend you do) to get all the benefits from using a smart account extension, please use the LUKSO Universal Profile Extension.

What if I get an error?

Check out our FAQ page, and failing that contact us.

What to do when the transaction fails with a nonce error?

Your transactions on LUKSO might fail due to a nonce error within your regular wallet. The issue mainly comes from the wallet (like MetaMask) not properly synchronizing the nonce for custom networks that have been set.


In Ethereum networks, a nonce is a number used to keep track of transactions sent from a specific wallet address. It ensures that each transaction is unique and processed only once, helping prevent double-spending and maintaining the order of transactions. It's like a serial number for transactions from a specific account.

To fix the nonce issue, please clear your account activity in MetaMask or wallet of your choice.