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General Support and Help

This category of the help center features general answers on topics related to the use of the LUKSO Network.

How to stay up to date about issues and fixes?

  • You can follow up bugs and incidents on Twitter at LUKSO and ERC725Accounts
  • Read the latest articles on Medium
  • Follow the announcements on the LUKSO Discord server.

My question is not here. Where can I get help?

If your questions is not within the help center, please check out our Technical FAQ on our official Documentation. The most frequently asked questions will be added there.

If you still can't find an answer to your question, you can head to our Discord server.

We have various open channels where you can ask technical questions:

  • validators: Node and Network related questions
  • dev-chat: Questions about tools, backend, and dApps
  • standards: Questsions about LSPs and their integration
  • documentation: Improvement proposals for our technical guides
Question and Issues

If your question is related to a Support Request or Bug, please post your issue within the SUPPORT & BUGS category on Discord. In case there already is a similar post about your problem, we encourage you to leave a comment or upvote on it, so we can measure demand and further narrow down the cause of the problem.

Where to report issues for repositories and tools?

You can open an issue on any open code repository of the LUKSO Network's GitHub page. We are also preparing workflows to handle global issues and improvement proposals. In case you want to give feedback to private source code, like our Universal Profile Extension, please create an issue on our global GitHub Issue Tracker.

Customer Support

If you have questions regarding personal matters like the migration of LYXe, Universal Profile Browser Extension or, please reach out to directly.

Where can security issues be reported to?

Suppose it's a vulnerability or something that should not be shared with the public, please reach out to official team members within our developer channel on Discord. You can send a friend request in order to exchange more detailed information. We are also preparing a workflow to handle investigations and bug bounties in a unified format.

Does LUKSO have grants or bug bounties?

We're happy to compensate if there are severe findings and vulnerabilities discovered. The compensation will depend on the scope of the error or bug. We do not share precise bounty amounts beforehand because of the wide range of possible discoveries.